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These are notes of films I’ve seen – at cinemas, on television and DVD.  I’m quickly (and increasingly) amnesiac about what I see.  I wanted a reminder of what each film was about and what I thought of it (and, sometimes, where I saw it:  the usual venues are in and around London – the BFI, Curzon cinemas, the local Odeon).  In other words, the notes began as, and essentially still are, a personal aide-mémoire – but I hope they’re of wider interest.

The things I’ve written about range chronologically from The Birth of a Nation (1915) to The Birth of a Nation (2016) and beyond.   The vast majority began life in the cinema but there are a few pieces of television drama too.  Most notes have been produced in the last ten years; a few are much older.  The date of viewing is shown at the end of each note.

The notes often contain details of storyline and denouement – spoiler warnings aren’t usually given.   






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